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Lions Mansion Yokohama Hodogaya

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance It is Reinforced Concrete, 4-story-above-the-ground condominium. The applicable dwelling unit is located in the 2nd floor.

The appearance It is the location of a 14-minute walk from JR Yokosuka Line ・ Shonan-Shinjuku Line Utsunomiya Line "Hodogaya" Station.

The appearance You can just begin new life for interior Renovated in October, 2023

Living I am able to afford even if I put a dining table, and width of the interior spreads.

Living Bright sunlight comes in through a big window and is living and dining room to be able to spend in family all of you relaxedly.

Living A cross is LDK of the bright atmosphere unified in white.

Living storing It is living storing established in LDK. Use is possible as pantry delivering stock product such as the food. The living room that is apt to be in a mess is cleared up clearly.

Kitchen It is the system kitchen which it is easy to care for.

Kitchen Work is possible while taking the communication with a family for a design to be able to look around the living room from the kitchen.

Cooker Three shares of cooker ・ is belonging to a grill and can make the plural dishes with progress efficiently at the same time.

Sink It is a sink.

Bathroom I can wash it in peace in the season when a rainy day continues with bathroom dryer. It seems to be useful for the washing of the sudden dirty things of the child.

Dresser You can store an accessory and the detergents such as cosmetics, a cleaning tool in storing of the inside and the lower part of the triple mirror clearly. There is a window, and natural ventilation is possible and is effective as moisture measures.

Restroom It is a restroom based on clean white. It is with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user and is available comfortably.

Western-style room (about 4.1 quires) It is easy all rooms flooring specifications of the cleaning.

Western-style room (about 4.1 quires) As a closet is installed in all Western-style rooms, I divide it into a use and can receive it.

Western-style room (about 4.2 quires) The room unified with white harmonizes with the furniture of various tastes.

Western-style room (about 4.2 quires) It is an open closet.

Terrace I am faced with living, and comings and goings are possible from Terrace.

Terrace For a 2nd floor part, I can live without minding the eyes from a passerby.

View from Terrace It is a view from Terrace.

View from Terrace It is a view from Terrace.

The entrance hall The check of the appearance before the outing is possible from head to foot in a mirror.

Shoes closet The entrance storing that I can fully store shoes in is included and seems to be able to keep the entrance clearly.

Entrance prev It is entrance prev.

The entrance An entrance is inner.

Delivery to home box A delivery to home box is installed in the common use part and can get baggage even in absence.

Parking lot It is Parking lot.

Bicycle parking lot It is a bicycle parking lot.

Front road It is a front road.

Front road It is a front road.

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Surrounding map

Address Iwasakicho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap