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Angel Heim Yako

Condominium Unit

The appearance [Angel Heim Yako] The condominium of 34 Total Units. Because of a 1st part, you can spend it without minding the influence of the life sound to the lower floor.

Entrance [entrance] It is an entrance part of the condominium. There is a solid feeling in a calm tone. The common use department is kept neatly.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] I show around the surrounding environment in addition. Please check real house environment locally.

Entrance [entrance] When I let you do an umbrella and came back as there is a roof in the neighborhood of condominium entrance, I can close an umbrella without being upset.

Entrance [entrance] The nameplate which condominium First is written down. When you invite a friend to the home, please use it as a mark.

Entrance [meeting post/entrance] It is effective for security measures without other than inhabitants approaching the room as the post is installed in the entrance.

Parking lot [Parking lot] Parking lot is established in a site. Please refer for charge, the vacant situation.

Bicycle parking lot [bicycle parking lot] It is established in a site. Including the vacant situation ・ usage fee please refer in detail.

Bicycle parking lot [bicycle parking lot] Bicycle parking space belonging to a roof protecting a bicycle from rain and wind is established. Please inquire for the details including the vacant situation.

Summit store Shinkawasaki store (about 380m) A 5-minute walk. The business hours are 9:00-21:00. It is nice distance to be able to go shopping with ingredients of the insufficient seasoning and buying lapse of memory immediately.

Cross garden Kawasaki (about 680m) A 9-minute walk. The business hours vary according to stores. It is the shopping center where a supermarket and a hair salon, a medical mall entered.

SHIMACHU Homes Shinkawasaki store (about 330m) A 5-minute walk. Furniture and household appliances, the assortment of goods including the DIY article are various home centers. Business hours/10:00-21:00

Yokohama City Univ. new Tsurumi Elementary School (about 360m) A 5-minute walk. It is in the distance that a child is easy to go to school for six years. It is the distance that is nice toward the protector waiting for a return.

Yokohama City Yako junior high school (about 780m) A 10-minute walk. In an important person bringing up the communication with the friend at everyday attending school time. I seem to arrive in no time when I talk happily.

When I go in and out of a Japanese-style room ・ Western-style room facing the Terrace, it is a design to go along the dining. The opportunities when a family meets each other increase, and the time for communication increases more, too.
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Surrounding map

Address Egasakicho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap