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4, Kamariyahigashi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi HOUSE


The appearance It is in the old land for sale by the lot and is a quiet residential area. Because traffic is rather less, and there are about 6.5 meters, reverse parking is easy to do the front.

Parking lot There is the car space for two. (it depends on a car model)

Front road part The prev is public road about 6.5 meters.

Living It is next to about 17.6 quires of living and dining room, and there is a Western-style room

Living and dining room It is bright living with a sense of unity.

Living There is a Western-style room on the living side.

The entrance The entrance uses parent and child door

About six quires of 1st Western-style rooms There is storing in the Western-style room of the 1st

Kitchen There are two windows in the kitchen.

Kitchen System kitchen with 食器洗乾燥機

About 6.5 quires of 2nd floor Western-style rooms Two windows have good view that there is.

About 6.1 quires of 2nd floor Western-style rooms There are two windows, and a bright positive shines

About six quires of 2nd floor Western-style rooms Is two windows, the ventilation ・ positive our; is good.

Bathroom Bathroom ventilation with clothes drying function is with it, and TV is seen, too.

It is with TV in a bathroom There is TV in bathroom and can watch it while soaking in a bathtub relaxedly.

Washing face powder room Washing stand with three mirrors

The neighborhood of 1st stairs There is storing on the stairs side

View from a veranda There is not shielding in front of a veranda, and an authority of view ・ style is good.

The roof The roof part has Terrace and can view the sea from a distance. I can thoroughly enjoy the fireworks depending on a season, too.

The roof Washing with water is with it. I can enjoy pools in summer.

Outside washing with water The Parking lot part has outside washing with water.

Kanazawa Junior High School (about 1,570m)

Nomi Tainan Elementary School (about 710m) It is about nine minutes to the nearest elementary school

MINISTOP (about 720m)

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