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5, Kugochou HOUSE


The appearance It faces the southeast road, and the sunshine is good. The outer wall is a photocatalyst Court specification with high durability.

The appearance We have an open feeling in corner lot location, one on a promenade.

The entrance The entrance is connected by extensive Plan to a large shoes closet.

Living and dining room It is more than 22 quires and greatly takes studding 2.6m, the window, and sunlight pours in Southeast Orientation. It is equipped with Floor heaters.

The entrance prev The entrance door is safe with convenience using a touch key.

Living and dining room A design of a space to be able to look around over a counter. A system kitchen and matching back storing.

Living and dining room (Status without the furniture) The floor uses the materials of grippy specifications.

Living and dining room It is all window trains movement shutter of the living and dining room.

Door to living At the High door of parent and child, there is a sense of space.

System kitchen A sink and the kitchen counter use material resisting heat and a wound using scagliola.

Washing stand A wide washing stand of the 120cm width. There is plentiful storage space on the top and the back of the washing stand.

Bathroom The extensive bath of the 1.25 tsubo.

Restroom on the first floor 1F restroom

Stairs By 1m width, it is designed a space.

Restroom on the second floor 2F restroom

The second-floor master bedroom

The second-floor Western-style room

Master bedroom Unhurried about 10.5 tatami. There is the extensive storing, too.

Terrace Wide Terrace of the 6.4m width

The appearance The bright red Japanese alphabet maple changes color in autumn. December, 2020 shooting

Garden There is the space where there is a private vegetable garden.

The Northeast side promenade

Front road

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