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4, Tsukushino HOUSE


The appearance A 3-minute walk from Tokyu Denentoshi Line "Tsukushino" Station

The appearance Three households of houses, Plan are 4LDK ・ 2DK+S ・ 2DK

The appearance Heisei is built in 13

The appearance A view, exposure to the sun are good in a hill

The appearance I arrive exclusively for a first-class low-rise building house, and house environment is good

Minamitsukushino willow park (about 1,400m)

Tsukushino field athletic course (about 1,100m)

Around Tsukushino Station (about 250m)

Tokyu Store Chain Tsukushino store (about 480m) A supermarket, a drugstore, a park are in the Walk zone

SUNDRUG Machida brook shop (about 1,500m) A supermarket, a drugstore, a park are in the Walk zone

Super Miwa brook shop (about 2,400m)

Mt. horsetail Nodono Shimin-no-Mori (about 1,000m) A supermarket, a drugstore, a park are in the Walk zone

エイビイ Minamimachida store (about 2,800m)

Seven-Eleven Machida brook 4 chome shop (about 1,400m)

Tsukushino Central Park (about 800m)

Minamimachida GRAND berry Park (about 2,800m)

Tsukushino Station (about 250m)

OK Machida brook shop (about 1,900m)

Snoopy museum (about 2,700m)

Nitori Minamimachida store (about 2,500m)

Yumachi field store of Tokyo ・ Yugawara Onsen all ages (about 2,400m)

Tsukushino community center (about 450m)

アピタ Nagatsuta store (about 2,400m)

Genkaida Park (about 2,500m)

W.A.O. Kodomonokuni shopping center (about 4,400m)

Minamimachida GRAND berry Park (about 2,800m)

Tsuruma Park (about 3,300m)

Tsuruma Park (about 3,300m)

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Surrounding map

Address 4, Tsukushino, Machida-shi, Tokyo > GoogleMap