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2, Ishiuchihigashi HOUSE


The appearance It is an electric-power-controlled house of the build in MISAWA HOMES construction, 2018. It is Properties of 4SLDK. It is the land for sale by the lot which the cityscape is clean, and is full of green.

Kitchen It is the bright kitchen where natural light enters at the small window. It is spare が possibility of the air containing in a short time as there is a small window in the kitchen where smells are easy to collect.

Cupboard As I can store the Few kitchen utensil of the use frequency in a cupboard let alone tableware and カトラリー, it is in the neat kitchen space. With software closing function that the drawer closes slowly.

Island kitchen counter It is the island kitchen counter that the family is easy to participate in housework. It is the nice point that can cook while seeing the state of a child and the pet. In operation, there is a feeling of opening as I can pay more attention to the space spreading out.

LDK about 15.7 quires As there is a shelf in front of the kitchen, I can decorate the seasonal flower and accessory, magazine. As there is pantry beside the cupboard, I can keep stock such as seasoning and coffee, tea.

I see the living room from the Japanese-style room The width of the interior spreads in indoor one based on white, too. As all rooms is double glazing, it is in winter coolly in the summer in a warm house and seems to be able to reduce the turn of the air-conditioner as much as possible.

About 4.5 quires of Japanese-style rooms The Japanese-style room using the modern Ryukyu tatami mat. It seems to be usable in the nap space of the child.

Washing face room It is a washstand with the triple mirror which is convenient for hair arrangement and make. As there is the storage of linen, I can receive stock of a towel and a change of clothes, a detergent and the bath salts.

Bathroom As there is a small window, it is possible in spare が short time of the air containing.

Restroom 1F It is the bright rest room where warm soft pink wall paper accentuated. As there is a shelf toward you, I can receive stock of the toilet paper or slight cleaning goods.

Western-style room 1 (about 8.0 quires)

Western-style room 1 (storing) There is a plentiful walk-in closet.


Western-style room 2 (about 5.6 quires)

Western-style room 2 (storing)


Western-style room 3 (about 5.2 quires)

Western-style room 3 (storing)

About 2.5 quires of storerooms A storeroom is at 2F. I can store a seasonal article or the household appliances not to usually use very much.

The entrance There is shoes storing in both sides.

Shoes cloakroom I can store boots or an umbrella with the height.

The appearance Two possibilities (it depends on a car model.) parallel as for the Parking lot

Front road It is the forming place of the corner lot located in the Within development project of front road width 6m.

The appearance


Park (about 60m) of the sky

Park (about 60m) of the sky

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Surrounding map

Address 2, Ishiuchihigashi, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima > GoogleMap