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Village 1 chome Newly built only of the beauty


Living ・ dining There is about 17 quires of spaciousness living ・ dining.

Kitchen For island kitchen counter, I can enjoy cooking while talking with a family.

Kitchen drawer The kitchen has a storing power-rich cupboard. Because there is it, the big window is convenient for ventilation, too.

Shoe closet There is shoe closet on the entrance side. I can go in and out of the two directions of the entrance and the corridor. It is available in various uses.

View It is a view from 3rd floor Terrace.

The appearance

The entrance storing There is the entrance storing. You can use the stroller storing of the child for various uses let alone shoes.

1st storeroom (about six quires)

1st storeroom storing

Washing stand It is convenient for outfit for three mirrors. The storage space is abundant, too.

Washing face space

Bathroom As a bathroom has a window, it is convenient for ventilation. As the bathroom dryer is on, that would be helpful for the washing of the rainy day.

1st restroom

Kitchen As there are three shares of IH cookers, I raise the efficiency of dishes. The sink is wide, too and is easy to do the washing-up.

Kitchen I can enjoy cooking while talking with a family for island kitchen counter.

Kitchen drawer There is the pantry which is convenient for storing in the kitchen. I can store the stock of seasoning and ingredients.

Refrigerator space

Living ・ dining storing I can store the thing which is not satisfied in the kitchen drawer including a hot plate and the pan enough.

2nd floor restroom There is a washhand stand in the restroom of the 2nd floor.

2nd floor restroom I am easy to care for the restroom of the 2nd floor for a tankless restroom. The appearance is lucid, too.

2nd floor Terrace

3rd floor Western-style room (about 6.1 quires)

3rd floor Western-style room (about 6.1 quires)

3rd floor Terrace

3rd floor Western-style room (about 4.5 quires)

3rd floor Western-style room (about 5.1 quires)

3rd floor Western-style room (about 5.1 quires) storing

Parking space Two parallel is parkable. (it depends on a car model)

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Surrounding map

Address 1, Minori, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima > GoogleMap