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2, Nakazu Newly built only


The appearance July, 2020 build. It is an electric-power-controlled house of the echo cute adoption.

LDK about 16.0 quires It is the bright living that natural light pours into from a 2nd floor window as there is a colonnade.

LDK about 16.0 quires I adopt double glazing to all windows. There are insulation characteristics, the dew condensation protective efficacy to prevent indoor heat and cold.

Island kitchen counter The island kitchen counter that the family is easy to participate in housework. Natural light enters at the gateway for a host which is convenient for ventilation and Taking out garbage and can see a kitchen brightly.

About 4.5 quires of Japanese-style rooms The Japanese-style room of the modern Ryukyu tatami mat. There is design, and the ceiling accentuates although being refined. About 20.5 quires of space is born if I open a partition with the living.

I see the living room from the Japanese-style room

LDK about 16.0 quires Wall paper of the light gray accentuates and can see living stylishly.

Washing face dressing room The washing stand of three convenient mirrors. As there is the storage of linen, I can receive the stock of a towel and the detergent clearly.

Bathroom As there is a small window, the efficiency of the ventilation improves, too.

Rest room 1st It is the bright rest room space where natural light enters at the small window.

About 6.0 quires of Western-style room 1

About 6.0 quires of Western-style room 2

Western-style room 2 storing

Colonnade There is the colonnade which there is a feeling of opening, and the street of the air improves.

About 7.0 quires of Western-style room 3 The master bedroom which is bright by two lighting.

Western-style room 3 storing


Rest room 2nd floor

The entrance The system key which I can unlock when I approach the entrance door is adopted.

Shoe closet As I can store the shoes of the family in a mass, the entrance is refreshing.

Parking lot Possible two parking (it depends on ※ car model)

The appearance

Ten thousand total Nakasu shop (about 400m)

Hiroshima Kyoritsu Hospital (about 460m)

Seven-Eleven Furuichi, Hiroshima store (about 270m)

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Surrounding map

Address 2, Nakasu, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima > GoogleMap