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Concerto SQUARE Fuchu ・ Newly built only No. 3

House Viewing by prior appointment

The appearance It is an electric-power-controlled house of 115.92 square meters of ・ 4LDK ・ EcoCute adoption. Possible two parking (it depends on ※ car model)

LDK about 17.0 quires I secured area of the 2nd floor living by placing a water rotation in the 1st

LDK about 17.0 quires The ceiling is refreshing by making a downlight. As it is 2nd floor living, the privacy becomes easy to be secured, too

Kitchen A kitchen of the island kitchen counter which can cook while seeing the state of the family. In operation, there is a feeling of opening as I can pay more attention to the space spreading out

Kitchen It is available toward the small child and the age for an IH cooking heater in peace.

A cupboard and pantry The space that I can receive is to tableware and seasoning, the Few cooking household appliances of the use frequency

LDK about 17.0 quires There are roll screen and a curtain

Western-style room A about 7.5 quires It is about 7.5 quires of Western-style rooms

Western-style room A about 7.5 quires Wall paper of the graige accentuates

Storing of Western-style room A 7.5 quires It is abundant storage space

Washing face stripping space Washing stand of the triple mirror which is convenient for make and hair arrangement

Bathroom Clean bathroom which was based on white. As there is a window, the efficiency of lighting and the ventilation improves, too

Rest room It is the bright restroom where the natural light enters

Western-style room B about 6.5 quires The bright room of two lighting

I see C from Western-style room B About 10.3 quires of space is born if I open a partition of Western-style room B and C. I can change how to use room to a life stage

Western-style room C about 5.0 quires Wall paper of the light green will show a soft impression a room

Western-style room D

View (as of February 19, 2021)

Terrace 2F I hear the murmuring of the river

The entrance

Parking space It is the Properties of the both sides road. The parking is possible from both roads

Parking space It is the Properties of the both sides road. The parking is possible from both roads

Fuchu North elementary school (about 300m) It is a 4-minute walk (about 300m) to the elementary school.

みくまり 峡入口 bus stop (about 290m)

みくまり 峡入口 bus stop timetable (about 290m) (via Hiroshima Station ・ Hatchobori) for the prefectural office ・ city hall prev (April, 2020 shooting)

Soja Hall bus stop (about 240m)

Soja Hall bus stop timetable (about 240m) Fuchu-cho camellia bus (clockwise) April, 2020 shooting

Fuchu-cho hazard map As for this Properties, as for the designation in various hazard map of landslide warning area ・ black spots, there are none in Fuchu-cho hazard map.

Dark market (about 750m) which spark has dark

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Surrounding map

Address 2, Mikumari, Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima > GoogleMap

Inquiry Viewing by prior appointment
Viewing by prior appointment Inquiry