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6, Manganji, Hino-shi Second-hand real estate properties HOUSE


The appearance

The appearance

Living and dining room I take away a partition of dining and the living by a reform of November, 2013. You can use it as one space to a Japanese-style room.

Living and dining room Wind comes out of the window of the Masaru Kitagawa trick ・ kitchen and is the room with the open feeling.

Japanese-style room (about eight quires) The Japanese-style room which is bright by two lighting of the Southeast. I adopt a modern tatami mat, and there is a sense of unity with the living.

Japanese-style room (about eight quires) It is the abundant storing that seems to be settled to the bedclothing for the visitor and a toy, the daily necessities of the child.

Living and dining room The living and dining room of about 18 quires of shining Facing South positive repeatedly.

Living and dining room The counter of pure materials is established near the small window facing the entrance and can use it as a work space. It is a certain warmth space of the cedar no dirt materials flooring.

The entrance The entrance which storing has abundant. If hang a jacket in the hanger pipe, can shorten the time that outfit takes, the pollen vs. seem to be plotted.

The entrance The entrance of the Facing South causing rich sunlight from a door of the lattice glass

Bathroom Three quires of spacious bathrooms. It is full of feel of a material and uses the hinoki with the deodorant ・ effect to moisture condition for wall materials

Kitchen A kitchen with a wall which is easy to concentrate on dishes. There is the window which is convenient for ventilation ・ lighting. The Facilities is an errand carefully. ※A system kitchen: I have been changed in November, 2013


Washing face room I use a hinoki for the wall ・ floor. I can taste the warmth of the tree and, by a deodorization ・ effect to moisture condition, keep comfortable space. ※A washstand: I have been changed in November, 2013

Restroom There is storing of the structure reckoning and seems to be able to use it clearly. ※A restroom: I have been changed in November, 2013

2nd floor restroom ・ washing face room A restroom ・ washstand is on 2nd floor, and morning outfit seems to smoothen.

2nd floor hall part The hall where a door of the each room is displayed at. Seller installed a bookshelf and a chair and was a messenger as a place of recreation and relaxation for family.

2nd floor Western-style room (about eight quires) I adopt the flooring of cedar no dirt materials in the 2nd floor living room. The cedar includes a lot of air and seems to be able to send comfortable life barefoot softly.

2nd floor Western-style room (about eight quires) The storing inside protects important clothing in the boarded place of the cedar with the effect to moisture condition.

2nd floor Western-style room (about six quires)

2nd floor Western-style room (about six quires) It is the space where the texture of the tree is comfortable. It is all over the south side lighting, but refreshing wind falls out when I open the window of the hall.

Terrace When the life rhythm of the family does not match from 2nd floor living room all rooms as comings and goings are possible, I can dry laundry in the Terrace of the Facing South without hesitation.

Terrace Because there are front road about 6m and space for the garden ・ Parking lot to the home of the meeting, the open feeling and sun are good.

Garden A sunny front yard of the Hall for state ceremonies. I can look at the state of the garden from living and dining room, and gardening seems to progress.

The entrance


The appearance

Moisture virtue elementary school (about 770m)

Keio Line "Takahatafudo" Station (about 990m)

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