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Asahi sunrise Kawasaki

Condominium Unit

The appearance Plural vicinities are available for a 15-minute walk to 4-minute walk, each JR line "Kawasaki" Station to Keikyu Main Line "Hatchonawate" Station. Let alone everyday commuting ・ attending school, it is the location that is convenient for outing that I use a public institution.

The appearance 19.17 square meters of Exclusive area, 3rd floor part of the 9 stories above the ground Mansion. It is Northwest Orientation, a dwelling unit of the Studio. Repair construction enforcement finished large-scale in 2018.

Hall tablet A supermarket and the convenience store which are open until 24:00 within the range of a 3-minute walk open for 24 hours are prepared. It is the house environment that is convenient for sudden shopping.

Western-style room The replaced of a kitchen and the place equipped with a water supply, the change of the flooring ・ cross obtain it, and they are equal の Renovation completed in October, 2022.

Western-style room Terrace of the Northwest Orientation is established. I can adopt refreshing Hikari, and the ventilation is good.

Kitchen An IH cooking heater is adopted. A top plate is easy to clean it in FLAT and is the kitchen which burns, and there is little worry of the shift, and is safe of the fire.

Western-style room As it is house cleaning finished, I can start new life comfortably in a beautiful room.

Kitchen A panel is attached to the wall of the cooker circumference. I can wipe off an oil splash and the dirt easily, and beautiful Status lasts long.

Kitchen I can store a kitchen utensil and an accessory in the storage space established up and down clearly. It is provided with a kitchen knife simple melody inside of the lower part door and, in the case of cooking, can take out a kitchen knife quickly.

Bathroom The bathroom which creates time for healing. Plural shelves to be able to put shampoo or soap are provided.

Washing machine place As a washing machine place is near a kitchen, I can push forward washing between dishes, and the housework line of flow is smooth, too.

Restroom It is a clean restroom based on white. In the case of a reform, it is changed a restroom and is available comfortably.

Corridor As a restroom ・ bathroom becomes independent, I can keep privacy. In the case of bathing, I am not worried about the smell of the restroom.

Corridor It is flooring of the brown and interior simple brightly to a white cross. You can enjoy favorite interior.

The entrance Shoes box is provided for the entrance. I display miscellaneous goods of the Favorite or a flower, and the space on the box can color the entrance rotation.

Parking lot It is a state of the plane Parking lot established in a site. It is established indoors and can get it on and off without being influenced by the weather.

Motorcycle depot It is the motorcycle depot of the indoor model protecting an important motorcycle from wind and rain. Please inquire for the details including the vacant situation.

Bicycle parking lot Bicycle parking space belonging to a roof is established. As it is not exposed to sunlight and wind and rain, I can prevent the deterioration of the bicycle.

Hatchonawate Station (Keikyu Main Line) (about 270m) A 4-minute walk.

My Basket Nisshin-cho store (about 160m) A 2-minute walk.

Kawasaki City Kawasaki Elementary School (about 320m) A 4-minute walk.

Kawasaki City Kawasaki Junior High School (about 560m) A 7-minute walk.

Kyoumachi, Kawasaki post office (about 480m) A 6-minute walk.

Wataridashincho Park (about 640m) An 8-minute walk.

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Address Nisshincho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap