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Asahi stand HEIGHTS Building A

Condominium Unit

The appearance [Asahi stand HEIGHTS Building A] It is the 9 stories above the ground condominium of 50 Total Units built in the location of a 11-minute walk from JR Keihin Tohoku, Negishi Line "Negishi" Station.

Living and dining room [LDK] You fully adopt it and put sunlight of the Facing South and can spend it in family all of you relaxedly.

Living and dining room [LDK] I can look around the whole LD from the kitchen and can work while enjoying the conversation with the family.

View from Terrace [view from Terrace] It is located in the 7th floor part, and a view is good. There is not a tall building blocking the view on the front and can enjoy a comfortable blue sky on a fine day.

Terrace [Terrace] The Facing South Terrace which faces LDK. As exposure to the sun is good, I seem to be able to air laundry and futon comfortably.

Living and dining room [LDK] The comfortable house space where refreshing wind and warm Hikari enter at the big window. The overflowing space of the open feeling spreads out by a wide span design.

Living and dining room [LDK] The area that is easy to locate the big furniture including a dining set and the sofa. It is May, 2011, flooring swap finished.

Kitchen [kitchen] The system kitchen which has been changed in October, 2010. By a clean design based on white, I adapt myself to the atmosphere of the room.

Kitchen [kitchen] There is a counter on the kitchen back and can utilize it as work space and a cooking household appliances place.

Kitchen [kitchen] Storage space is established on the LD side. It is recommended as storage spaces such as カトラリー or the cups such as spoons.

Corridor [hall] A movable shelf is installed in the hall part close to the entrance. A height change is possible in conformity to a thing to store.

The entrance [the entrance] The entrance door is a double lock specification considered in a security aspect. A mailbox is installed.

The north side Western-style room [the north side Western-style room] A large closet is provided. For natural interior, I harmonize with various interior.

Western-style room [the south side Western-style room] It is the stylish interior that the accent cross which makes the design of the room a ceiling part was given.

Bathroom [bathroom] Clean bathroom which was based on white. It is available comfortably because it is with a window without saving moisture, and being crowded.

Dresser [Dresser] The Dresser of the float type that a step was refreshing. A tile is put for the mirror circumference.

Dresser [Dresser] The washing face room that a feeling of life is easy to be reflected on directs refined stylish space with the washing face bowl of the SQUARE type.

Restroom [restroom] The restroom where an accent cross with the design was given. In October, 2010, I have been changed.

Storage room (belonging to Freehold) [storage room] Freehold is with it (for free). It is convenient to store outdoor article and sporting goods, the maintenance tool which it is hard to keep in the room.

The appearance

The appearance

The appearance

The appearance


The appearance

Yokohama City Nakaodai junior high school (about 880m) A 11-minute walk. A commute for a child becoming slow in return time by club activities with a few burdens. I can effectively utilize the time after the return including study and lessons.

Negishi Forest Park (about 80m) A 1-minute walk.

It is Southeast corner unit with the good Facing South Terrace per positive. Each Western-style room is provided with a closet and can use house space spaciously effectively.
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Surrounding map

Address Negishiasahidai, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap