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Yokohama ・ Yamashita-cho sale in lots complex

Condominium Unit

The appearance [Yokohama ・ Yamashita-cho sale in lots complex] A 5th floor part of the 10 stories above the ground Mansion, the good Southwest Orientation dwelling unit per positive. It is the location that is convenient for a 1-minute walk and commuting ・ attending school to Minatomirai Line "Motomachi-Chukagai" Station.

LDK [LDK] LDK which is faced with Southwest Orientation Terrace, and is wrapped in warm sunlight. It is the layout which sorts living ・ dining, and can locate furniture.

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Western-style room [Western-style room] It is the stylish interior that the accent cross which makes the design of the room a wall surface on the Southeast side was given.

Kitchen [kitchen] It is the kitchen of the wall charge account type that is easy to concentrate on dishes. In the wall of the kitchen circumference, a tiling resisting water is adopted.

Bus [bathroom] As a window is established in bathroom, not only I adopt natural light and put it, but also can ventilate it naturally.

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The room The room

The room The room

Kitchen Kitchen

Restroom Restroom

The entrance The entrance

The appearance [the appearance] SRC 造地上 10th floor ・ 3 stories below ground Mansion. Traffic Access is good, and the life facilities are convenient house environment to keep close, too.

The appearance [the appearance] Within the range of Walk, there is a big park. While there is convenience, it is the Location which I can feel nature close.

The appearance [the appearance] A shopping expedition everyday in the Mansion 1st being super buy; a help when forget to buy it, is useful.

Entrance [entrance] The approach of the gentle hue welcoming inhabitants. A casting gate with the design is beautiful, for an accent.

Entrance [entrance] The position where I am easy to go to comfortable in Traffic convenience. The wide age group where the facilities which are indispensable to a living are even on close is livable environment.

Front road [front road] In the front road, the sidewalk is maintained. A prospect is good and is easy to confirm the traffic of a car and the bicycle.

Front road [front road] The front road is paved neatly, and even a bicycle and a stroller seem to be able to run smoothly.

Front road [front road] There is a super ・ convenience store ・ drugstore within the range of a 3-minute walk, and I buy it, and a rotation is free. Depending on Purpose and a feeling, I can choose you.

Front road [front road] It is within walking distance to the Yokohama Chinatown. I eat my way and seem to be able to enjoy outing on a holiday including the sightseeing.

Hall tablet [signature building board] The nameplate which Mansion First is written down. When you invite a friend to the home, please use it as a mark.

Yamashita Park (about 320m) A 4-minute walk. It is a view, the monument to the sea and a Many park of the highlight including the monument inscribed with a tanka poem. Yamashita Park is a famous spot of rose of Yokohama, and many roses are in full glory in "a future rosary" in spring every year at autumn time.

Yokohama City Motomachi elementary school (about 1,400m) An 18-minute walk. The school education target is "a Motomachi native making the future vigorously easily smart". The activity every school year is with a photograph and is introduced to the HP.

Yokohama City port Junior High School (about 710m) A 9-minute walk. Through learning, I take good care of oneself and take good care of people and am a junior high school aiming at upbringing of the student taking good care of the earth. News from school is published in the HP.

The closet with the storing power is comprised in LDK of the area with a space. Southwest Orientation with balcony. A wall charge account kitchen is adopted and is the structure that can make good use of space. I can concentrate on cooking.
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Surrounding map

Address Yamashitacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap