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Cosmo HEIGHTS Rokko stand

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation Viewing by prior appointment

LDK about 15.8 quires [LDK (about 15.8 quires)] LDK where families gather is about 15.8 quires of area. It is the interior of the simple taste wearing well. You give glory to favorite interior and can enjoy the making of space.

LDK about 15.8 quires Island kitchen counter is adopted and can bring up communication while seeing each other's faces.

Kitchen It is counter type island kitchen counter. As view opens out, a feeling of opening is felt for the person to cook. Money working from an LD is the structure that it is hard to show.

Kitchen There is a built-in water purifier and is available for the ・ cooking use for the drink.

Kitchen [kitchen] Three shares of cooker ・ is belonging to a grill and can make the plural dishes with progress efficiently at the same time. Work is possible while taking the communication with a family for a design to be able to look around the living room from the kitchen.

The appearance [Cosmo HEIGHTS Rokko stand] It becomes the room on the fourth floor.

About 5.8 quires of Western-style rooms I integrate it with living and dining room when I let you leave a slide door open and can use it. You can utilize it to family constitution and a lifestyle.

Storing in about 5.8 quires of Western-style rooms The closet is easy to look at the inside, and takeoff is smooth; compromise; a units type. It is not necessary to put big chests and can effectively utilize a residential space.

About 5.5 quires of storerooms To family constitution and a lifestyle, it is available in a multi-purpose.

About 5.7 quires of Western-style rooms [about 5.7 quires of Western-style rooms] A window is installed. It is provided with storage space and can use house space spaciously.

Dresser [washing face room] The washing face room that a wide mirror is impressive. It is provided with storage space under the wall surface and the washing face bowl.

Bathroom There is a bathroom dryer.

Restroom It is a restroom with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user.

Storing in about 5.7 quires of Western-style rooms The closet is easy to look at the inside, and takeoff is smooth; compromise; a units type.

The entrance [the entrance] There is the shoe cupboard which I can fully store at the entrance.


View from Terrace [view photograph from a dwelling unit] I can look around the state of the cityscape far. The house which was blessed with the sun ・ ventilation in Southeast Orientation. I invite that I watch scenery while having a light meal in Terrace on a fine day a feeling.

About 72 square meters of 2SLDK
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Surrounding map

Address 2, Shinoharaobanoyamacho, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo > GoogleMap

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