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1, Jindaijiminamimachi, Chofu-shi duplex house


The building appearance Lightweight Steel duplex house of the Panahome Corp. old construction

About 9.4 quires of living ・ tatami mat space There is the Floor heaters in the good living per positive, too

Living window Warm sunlight comes in through roof balcony

About 10.4 quires of dining kitchen It is the bright dining of the window facing south

Extensive roof balcony I can enjoy the gardening in extensive roof balcony

View from roof balcony It is the house environment that is full of green

View from roof balcony Burning colored leaves of the neighboring land inform winter

View (sunset) from roof balcony I can thoroughly enjoy the wonderful sunset for a hill

Island kitchen counter open system kitchen System kitchen with an IH cooking heater ・ dishwasher

造付 け cupboard It is storing-rich 造付 け cupboard

The second-floor system bus It is 1 extensive tsubo bathroom

The second-floor shampoo dresser washing stand Shampoo dresser of the large bowl

About 6.3 quires of the second-floor Western-style rooms It is the good room per positive of the Southeast corner

About 6.3 quires of 1st Western-style rooms It is the room which the south side is garden, and is bright

Extensive stairs space There is a landing as the inside and is the design that is kind to going up and down

The second-floor shower toilet A function to automatically wash includes it

2nd floor shower toilet It is different, and the hand-washing device is roomy, too

About 6.1 quires of 1st dining kitchen It is the dining which the south side is garden, and is bright

1st system kitchen It is the kitchen which is easy to use for a woman with an IH cooking heater ・ fall down hanging closet

1st 6.5-tatami Japanese-style room I establish the room with a wooden floor widely to be able to put a bed

1st shower toilet It is function ・ bathroom devices to automatically wash with

The entrance 1 It is a duplex house of releasing it as much as there are two entrance doors

The entrance 2 It is a duplex house of releasing it as much as there are two entrance doors

State of the garden

The building appearance It is easy to discharge the rainy day in a built-in garage

The building appearance Red Robin of the fence turns red vividly by time

Chofu Station ・ トリエ Keio Chofu A building

AEON CINEMA Corp. theaters Chofu

Cherry blossoms (as for the photograph, neighboring Sasu-cho) of Nogawa I hold a light-up event in Nogawa every year

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Address 1, Jindaijiminamimachi, Chofu-shi, Tokyo > GoogleMap