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2016/10/27 Report

Trend Monthly, Oct. 2016 edition

Trend Monthly, Oct. 2016 edition

Table of Contents

1. Housing market・・・・・・P3
(1). Listing volume
1. REINS registered properties・・・・・・P4
2. REINS inventory・・・・・・P4
(2). Contracts concluded
1. REINS contracts concluded・・・・・・P5
2. Registered transfer of titles due to purchase and sale・・・・・・P5
(3). Price trends
1. REINS contract unit price, Unit price per sqm・・・・・・P6
2. Officially published land prices・・・・・・P7
3. JREI home price indices・・・・・・P8
4. Property price indices・・・・・・P9
(4). New home market
1. Condominiums for sale in Greater Tokyo area・・・・・・P10
2. Contract conclusion rate and inventory of condominiums in Greater Tokyo area・・・・・・P10
3. Average price of condominiums in Greater Tokyo area・・・・・・P11
4. New home construction starts・・・・・・P11
(5). Mortgage interest rates・・・・・・P12

2. Office building and new construction markets・・・・・・P13
(1). Office leasing
1. Vacancy rates of office buildings in central 5 wards of Tokyo・・・・・・P14
2. Rents of office buildings in central 5wards of Tokyo・・・・・・P14
(2). Construction
1. Value of construction orders received・・・・・・P15
2. Construction materials price index, Construction cost deflator・・・・・・P15
(3). Investment
1. TSE REIT index・・・・・・P16
List of sources・・・・・・P17

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