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2024/4/7 Article

Iidabashi Area: City Building in Progress

Iidabashi Area: City Building in Progress

Properties in Chiyoda City

Iidabashi Station sits at the confluence of no fewer than six commuter rail lines: JR Chuo-Sobu Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Yurakucho Line and Namboku Line, and Toei Subway Oedo Line. With connections like these, Iidabashi offers superb access to major urban centers: 13 minutes from Tokyo Station and 11 minutes from Shinjuku, for example. Impressions of the city from the east exit and west exit are markedly different. Pass through the east exit and you’re greeted by ranks of office buildings, a true business-district feel. Leave by the west exit and the landscaped beauty of Kokyo-Sotobori, the outer moat of the Imperial Palace, soothes your eyes. During cherry-blossom viewing season, the cherry trees that line the moat bloom in profusion, attracting countless tourists.

A wide range of redevelopment projects are under way around Iidabashi Station.
One of these, on the west-exit side of Iidabashi Station, is Iidabashi Sakura Park, a mixed complex of shops, residences and offices that opened in 2014. Among the buildings in the complex is 40-story Park Court Chiyoda Fujimi The Tower. This popular condominium development is replete with convenient common facilities. From 2020 onward, JR Iidabashi Station itself has been undergoing major reconstruction. Over the near term, expect to see more superannuated buildings torn down near the station in favor of new structures. Also on the drawing board are walkways and multiple redevelopments aimed at making the district disaster-resistant.

Another attraction of Iidabashi is that it is within easy walking distance of Kagurazaka, an atmospheric quarter of cobblestone streets and long-serving ryotei. Kagurazaka is often called the Paris in Tokyo for its assemblage of swish cafés and restaurants. Drop in on weekends for dinner or just for a change of pace.

Would you like to make Iidabashi your home in Tokyo? If so, we invite you to browse the list below of properties in Chiyoda City.

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