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Cosmos 92


The appearance photograph Residential area among nature that child care is possible while feeling a seasonal change

The appearance photograph The quiet residential area where there are few car streets, and there is the walk with the child in peace

The appearance photograph Life facilities are within walking distance, and super ・ convenience store ・ hospitals are fulfilling

Topographical map

Front road Quiet residential area blessed with the green that the everyday walk was comfortable

Bicycle parking space It is child care at ease in a quiet residential area

The appearance photograph Light-gauge Steel 2 stories

The appearance photograph 24-minute walk from Tobu Tojo Line "Asaka" Station ・ bus 12 minutes bus stop "1, Hizaoricho" 停歩 four minutes

The appearance photograph

The best elementary school (about 440m) in Asaka City Asaka The child can go without unreasonableness soon to the best elementary school in Asaka City Asaka with a 6-minute walk, too

The best junior high school (about 1,160m) in Asaka City Asaka The full child care environment where is equipped with an educational facility before a 15-minute walk

アコレ Hizaori, Asaka store (about 620m) To the アコレ Hizaori, Asaka shop which is nice for busy mom, it is an 8-minute walk!

Kitaura Park (about 370m) It is glad that distance to be able to go out to play with a child immediately includes a park♪

Dr. Tomioka's office (about 390m) Dr. Tomioka's office of 5-minute walk when it is rushed for the fever of the sudden child immediately

FamilyMart 1, Hizaori, Asaka store (about 370m) It is a 5-minute walk from about 370m to FamilyMart 1, Hizaori, Asaka store. When there is a convenience store open for 24 hours within the range of a 5-minute walk, it is convenient to be able to drop in at at the time of commuting ・ attending school casually.

Drug Sejm's Hizaori store (about 430m) It is a 6-minute walk to convenient drug Sejm's Hizaori store

Maruetsu Mizonuma, Asaka store (about 910m) It is a 12-minute walk to Maruetsu Mizonuma, Asaka store


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Surrounding map

Address 4, Hizaoricho, Asaka-shi, Saitama > GoogleMap