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2, Hanaikecho, Nakagawa-ku Detached House

Detached House

The appearance [2, Hanaikecho, Nakagawa-ku] A 6-minute walk from JR Kansai Main Line ・ Subway Higashiyama Line "Hatta" Station, an 8-minute walk from Kintetsu Nagoya Line "Kintetsuhatta" Station. Use of 2 vicinity of 3 Station is possible and is the location that is convenient for commuting ・ attending school.

LDK [LDK] In LDK becoming the main space of the life, an authority of exposure to the sun ・ style is good by three lighting. In good space of the ventilation, I can spend time for family pleasure of home life brightly.

LDK [LDK] A reform is completed in September, 2023. In place equipped with a water supply Facilities replaced, the beautiful room of the wall ・ ceiling cross swap finished, new life is begun comfortably.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room] I am faced with Terrace of the Northwest Orientation. As it is provided with storage space, I can store futon or clothing clearly and can use the house space widely.

Western-style room [Western-style room] As a large closet is established, clothing is put away in the Western-style room clearly. Comings and goings are possible in Terrace of the Southeast Orientation.

LDK [LDK] The kitchen can effectively utilize space for a wall charge account type spaciously. As it is with a window, ventilation is possible smoothly. I can spend time without minding a smell cooking.

The appearance [local photograph] It is November, a house of lightweight steel frame 2 stories "2LDK" for 1,999 years. Both sides Terrace on the Southeast side ・ Northwest side is installed.

The appearance [local photograph] The front road has a certain space area of width about 7.2m. I can perform a car and a bicycle, the putting in and out of the stroller smoothly.

The appearance [local photograph] It is the simple modern appearance design wearing well. By a reform of September, 2023, the outer wall entire surface painting is carried out.

LDK [LDK] As a high-centered balance window is arranged for the Southwest side, it is the Plan which a layout of the furniture is easy to think about. As it is simple interior, you can enjoy favorite interior.

LDK [LDK] It is the system kitchen where a white-collar shines in brightly. The kitchen side door is connected to the washing face room in a bathroom, and a housework line of flow is good.

LDK [LDK] In LDK, two doors which can go in and out of a hall are established. I have a good command of the title page in the visitor and can guide you smoothly. It is the Plan which is easy to locate furniture in a form dividing an LD.

Kitchen [kitchen] As three shares of gas rings are provided, the kitchen can cook several at the same time. It is connected by effective cooking for reduction of working hours. In addition, Dishwasher and dryer reducing a housework burden is installed.

Washstand [Dresser] There is storage space under both sides and bowl of the mirror and is convenient for storage such as the stock of toiletries and daily necessities. A window is installed, and natural light comes in in the daytime. Moisture is useful for the ventilation of the washing face room that is easy to pile up.

Bathroom [bathroom] It is a bathroom clean brightly unified with white. I lengthen a foot by a bathtub and can heal one-day fatigue. As it is with a window, I can ventilate it smoothly.

Restroom on the first floor [restroom] A brick-like accent cross is stylish space. In the restroom, the toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user function that I can use comfortably through one year includes it. The shelf where I can put toilet paper or a flavor includes it.

Stairs [stairs] It is stairs spreading out to the 2nd floor in the entrance hall. As a window is established in the staircase, natural light comes in in the daytime and is bright space.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room] It is the Japanese-style room which bright sunlight pours from a window for sweeping the dirt out of a room. For two lighting, the ventilation is good, too. In comfortable space, you can spend it comfortably.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room] It is connected to the neighboring Western-style room by the sliding door, and the coming and going is possible directly. In the Plan with excursion characteristics, a housework ・ life line of flow is smooth.

Western-style room

Western-style room





Front road

Front road


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