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Oamimae, Fukuokayatsumiya, Shiroishi-shi, Miyagi Land


Local photograph

Local photograph

Front road

Front road

The situation of the field and the front road

The situation of the field and the front road

"A bush clover is flat"; a bus stop (citizen)  A 7-minute walk (about 510m)

Miyagi Zao Shiraishi skiing area A 48-minute walk (about 3,840m)

Kamasaki Onsen  An 80-minute walk (about 6,380m)

Sickle point postal agency  An 82-minute walk (about 6,510m)

Public Katsuta synthesis hospital  A 133-minute walk (about 10,630m)

Shiroishi-shi Fukuoka public hall  A 144-minute walk (about 11,520m)

JA Miyagi Sennan Fukuoka Branch A 145-minute walk (about 11,540m)

Shop Ohashi shop of cleaning mom A 146-minute walk (about 11,650m)

Seven-Eleven Hanzawayashikimae, Shiroishi store A 148-minute walk (about 11,790m)

MINISTOP Hanzawayashikimae, Shiroishi store A 149-minute walk (about 11,870m)

Yatsu dental clinic A 150-minute walk (about 11,970m)

YAMAZAWA Shiraishi North shop  A 156-minute walk (about 12,410m)

Mountain and Shiraishi North shop  A 156-minute walk (about 12,420m)

Tsuruha drug Shiroishi, Miyagi North shop  A 157-minute walk (about 12,500m)

Gain Oka Park (Shiraishi-jo Castle)  A 157-minute walk (about 12,560m)

Shiroishi-shi government office  A 158-minute walk (about 12,580m)

CerabiShiraishi shop A 159-minute walk (about 12,660m)

Fashion center SHIMAMURA Shiraishi shop A 159-minute walk (about 12,700m)

York Benimaru Shiraishi shop  A 160-minute walk (about 12,760m)

TSUTAYA Shiraishi shop A 162-minute walk (about 12,950m)

Keiyo day two Shiraishi アムザ shop  A 164-minute walk (about 13,080m)

Shiroishi City Fukuoka Elementary School  A 142-minute walk (about 11,300m)

Shiroishi City Fukuoka Junior High School  A 147-minute walk (about 11,740m)

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Surrounding map

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